Our history

Our history

The joint history of Hodinářství Bechyně and Rolex was shaped by the political and economic climate in the Czech Republic. Officially commenced in 1996, the cooperation relied on a personal relationship, confidence and trust between Vladimír Bechyně and Rolex.

First encounter with Rolex

First encounter with Rolex

At the beginning of the 1950s, after finishing his watchmaker training in a vocational school, Vladimír Bechyně starts his first job in a watch repair shop at Malá Strana, next to Tyršův Dům, operated by the Watchamakers’ Collective. Here he repairs household clocks, grandfather clocks and mundane watches from Russia and East Germany. However, he also makes a first acquaintance with Rolex timepieces purchased before WW2, during the golden era known as First Czechoslovak Republic.

Prodejna ve Štěpánské ulici 57

Official Rolex retailer since 1996

As time passes, Vladimír Bechyně eventually becomes Manager of the service point and shop in Štěpánská Street. In 1992, after the Velvet Revolution, he buys the shop and sets out on a journey to become an Official Rolex Retailer. He has to wait patiently for four more years until the economy stabilizes and Rolex decides to enter the Czech market. Out of the originally five candidates two are shortlisted by the Swiss brand, Vladimír Bechyně being one of them. Rolex representatives meet both in person and soon decide for Mr Bechyně.  

And so Vladimír Bechyně became the first Rolex Official Retailer in the post-communist countries in 1996—and was the only Rolex retailer in the Czech Republic for seven years.

Prodejna Václavské náměstí 10

The present at Hodinářství Bechyně

Today there are three shops in the Czech Republic where you can buy Rolex timepieces and two belonging to Hodinářství Bechyně—our boutique at 10 Wenceslas Square, open since 2013, and the newly opened store in Brno at Masarykova 8.

Official Rolex retailer

Decisive moment

Patience, determination and diligence, but also humility and readiness to take chances at the right moments - these qualities helped Vladimír Bechyně more than 20 years ago in becoming an official Rolex retailer.